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Looking deeply. Bringing light into the darkness. Creating awareness.

Not only the current world affairs, but also Mind Shape and their music are influenced by the importance and topicality

of these events. Fallen out of time in an interesting way, their songs belong without compromise right into the present.

Subtle and offensive at the same time, the diverse personal influences of the young band from Lübeck, Germany are reflected in a captivating mix of alternative rock, post-grunge and fascinatingly stubborn new prog elements.

Exciting changes of perspective, rousing melodies and playful details. Stories that tell what would otherwise remain unspoken and unheard. Away from the usual - what has become "normal" - and yet alarmingly commonplace.

Like in their song "Distance", which critically questions why we turn our eyes away from those who should be seen.

All this shapes the unmistakable atmospheric style of the five musicians, which inevitably sticks in mind.

The everyday madness of the new decade holds many challenges, but also space for development and innovation. Since their formation in the end of 2019, Mind Shape used a lot of time for themselves and their music,

that picks you up in a whole new way.

A concentrated load of passion, autonomy and lifeblood flows in the veins of their first EP "Desertified",

which was released on the 20th November 2020.

The beginning of an unforgettable journey into the consciousness.

And Mind Shape take people there.

Into the unknown.

But with the certainty of experiencing something unique.